Mission: We believe that everyone should have access to a bicycle, a tool to create opportunity and empowerment.

What We Do

A bicycle creates a feeling of connectedness to the community.

Our programs make this attainable by refurbishing bicycles that might otherwise end up in the Kootenai County landfill. Instead of becoming garbage the bikes are returned to people in North Idaho communities at low and often times no cost.

Why We Do What We Do

How old were you when you got your first bike? How did it make you feel?

Some children in our community will never experience that feeling.

We believe that EVERY child should feel the wind on their face and the accomplishment of learning how to ride for the first time.

Not to feel left behind…


How We Do What We Do

Bicycles are either sold at an affordable price, (based on a person’s ability to pay), given to children, and given at no cost to other community help organizations we partner with.

The bicycles that are sold provide funds to continue to provide free bicycles to children, free bicycle education classes, and free training on bicycle maintenance.

Meet the Board of Directors

We are extremely lucky to have a board of local individuals who are passionate about our Mission.

Tom teaching class

Tom Morgan

Executive Director


Nancy Aldershof Grissom



Jamie Lynn Morgan


Rose Backs

Rose Backs



Lindsay Parker Patterson

Vice President

Next Steps…

Consider donating the bicycles collecting dust in your garage, volunteer to help, or donations of cash are always accepted!

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