The boards of Lake City Bicycle Collective, INC and BikeCDA, INC. voted recently to a merger that combined the organizations on April 1st, 2019. The combined organization will continue under the Lake City Bicycle Collective name but reserves the right to use the BikeCDA name.

This merger is a strategic alliance that allows for growth and sustainability through cost-effective and low-impact measures to improve lives and strengthen the bicycling community here in North Idaho.

Since the audience served by both organizations overlapped in many areas, the organization now has combined resources and increases capacity-building efforts. The merger enhances the mission and continuation of these two significant community assets.

Since community support is how a non-profit succeeds in having these two organizations combine allows the replication and scaling of successful programs in the region to become an even greater force for multi-modal transportation awareness and advocacy.

For example, both organizations run a kids bicycle giveaway program, participate in bicycle educational opportunities, and serve financially challenged individuals with a transportation option. By joining forces, they expect to be able to significantly increase their efforts, both helping residents meet their transportations needs and providing twice as many bicycles to kids in the community all while boosting the local economy.

“When people can search for work, or get to work once they are employed that benefits everyone in the community. On average the cost of maintaining and owning a motor vehicle is $8000 a year (insurance, gas, maintenance, and repairs). Affordable transportation can make a huge difference in someone’s life. A recent article in Fortune magazine said that over 40% of Americans could not afford an unexpected $400 bill. That is about the average cost of a motor vehicle repair,” says Jamie Lynn Morgan, Board President for Lake City Bicycle Collective. “If we want to have a thriving community, we have to provide other options for people to get where they need to go, besides having to own an automobile.”

“Plus,” adds Tom Morgan, Executive Director for Lake City Bicycle Collective, “We have a health crisis happening across the country. Kids are spending more time indoors and not getting outside as much as they should. What better way to get them outside than to provide them with a bicycle to ride? And, who can resist the smiles you get when a kid rides a bicycle for the first time. Which, if you are ever at the bicycle co-op on a day it is busy. There are never any sad faces. That is the best part of what I do, the smiling faces.”

The organization will maintain two locations with the bicycle co-op continuing to operate at the 709 E. Walnut in Coeur d’Alene location. The co-op allows individuals to purchase refurbished bicycles and parts (that help maintain the programs), as well as schedule time to use one of the repair stands to work on their bike. With the 5th Street location in Coeur d’Alene being where bicycles needing repaired will be stored and refurbished by volunteers.

Donations of bicycles will be accepted at either location by appointment or at the 709 E Walnut location anytime on Saturday from Noon to 4 PM.