Our Year in Review

It has been a really good year here at Lake City Bicycle Collective! We officially became a 501c3 Non-Profit on February 27th, 2017 which meant we could help more children (and others in need) than the few neighborhood kids we have been. It all started with one man’s passion for bicycles and his giant heart! Helping children in our community experience the joy of riding a bicycle, helping them stay healthy, and hopefully providing them an outlet to keep them out of trouble it is what helps us sleep soundly at night.

Tom Morgan has been helping neighborhood kids earn bicycles by mowing his lawn, raking leaves, and doing other odd jobs. Now he can help more kids on a larger scale. With the generosity of the city of Coeur d’Alene for providing us with space, generous donations from our community, and the many hours of volunteer hours this year since February we have been able to give away 112 bicycles, mostly to children who otherwise wouldn’t be able to have one.

Along with giving away bicycles, we were able to participate in and facilitate five bicycle rodeos for kids ages 4 to 13. During the bicycle rodeo, we made sure their helmets fit, (provided them with a new one if they didn’t have one), taught them hand signals, and they learned how to maneuver an obstacle course including cones, cardboard cars, and stop signs.

Bike Shop and Cooperative

Also, with a final fundraising push at the end of the year the bicycle co-op/shop space is now finished with shelves, bins, and hangers. This will allow us to open up membership opportunities to those that want to be able to buy discounted new/used parts and/or work on their own bicycles. It also opens up the work area for bicycle maintenance/repair/safety classes to start happening. We already have neighborhood kids who come by everytime the doors are open. They like fixing their own bicycles, digging for parts, and learning how to make their own repairs. Now it will be more organized for them too!

All this also led to some great partnerships with other organizations from Panhandle Health’s Let’s Move Safe Routes to School sub-committee to Kootenai Health’s Injury Prevention Committee who provided us with 200 new bicycles helmets. With many more partnerships to come in 2018!

How You Can Help

Our mission has just begun, but we will need lots of help to continue being able to expand our current works to include an Earn a Bike Program, Bicycle Safety In Street Training, and others. Every little bit counts, from the bicycle sitting in your garage to a small monthly donation of $10/month, or providing volunteer hours to help us do what we do. Let’s make sure no child misses out on the greatest childhood gift anyone can have…freedom of movement! I don’t know about you, but I smile when I see a bunch of bicycles lying in a neighbors yard and kids playing outside.