Does Your Organization Want To Do a Maintenance Class?

Now that the shop is cleaned up, enough donations were received to purchase extra toolkits, and a couple repair stations are put together it is time to start doing some classes! Basic Bicycle Maintenance Training can be a great bonding exercise for your organization or company. Plus, you get a tour of our shop, learn more about what your donations do, and learn how to fix your own flat tire.

This has been a large part of why so much support has been and will be needed to keep things rolling. To be able to continue to provide FREE bicycles to children in Kootenai County our Donation Based Open Shop, Small Fee Maintenance Classes, and In Street Rider Training (also for a small fee) will bring in needed funding to supplement individual donations, corporate donations, and grant funds.

Everything provides more people access to a bicycle which gets more riders on the road, which helps community health, individual health, and protects the environment. Let’s Get Riding!

Fill out the form below to see about scheduling a time for a training or to schedule a tour and see what your donations do!